Correct Diagnosis is the most critical step in your recovery

Dr. Keith Donato is trained and certified to administer a variety of assessments to determine a patient’s range of motion, movement patterns, and functional limitations, informing his diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Depending on your chief complaint or athletic performance objective, Dr. Donato may utilize tests like an overhead squat analysis, active and passive joint motion exam, or the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), which is a series of seven full-body movement tests used to understand and assess a person’s natural patterns of movement, such as leaning, bending, and squatting, that are closely associated with musculoskeletal pain.

Analyzing movement patterns from these clinical assessments, Dr. Donato is able to identify any biomechanical impairments. Such dysfunction may seem unrelated to the patient’s chief complaint of musculoskeletal pain or limited range of motion, but improper mechanics often contribute to pain, even in other parts of the body.

Based on the findings from these assessments and your unique issue, Dr. Donato will perform hands-on treatment, such as chiropractic or Active Release Techniques (ART)®, and/or prescribe specific stretches and exercises for pain relief, performance improvement, or injury prevention.

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“I first started seeing Keith on the advice of a lacrosse buddy.  I was having terrible Achilles pain to the point where it simply hurt to walk. Keith’s practice of ART was the only thing that worked for me.  I tried other therapies but nothing provided relief and got me back playing lacrosse.   I’m not aware of anyone else who practices ART and for that reason alone it’s worth giving Keith a try.  Besides that he’s an all around good guy and I definitely recommend his practice.”  – Jeff P.

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