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“I came to Dr. Keith Donato after a car accident left me unable to do the things that I loved to do – gardening, hiking, biking and skiing without pain and discomfort. I tried pain management/injections, physical therapy, traditional chiropractic treatment, acupuncture. Surgery likely wouldn’t have helped me recover fully, although plenty of surgeons were willing to operate. My hips and SI joint didn’t flex properly and I also suffered from long nerve entrapment that caused horrible sciatica.

Dr. Donato helped restore normal motion to my hip and lower back and he released my sciatic nerve through his expert application of Active Release Techniques and exercise regimen. Under his care, I was able to get back to my active lifestyle and avoid surgery altogether.  

More recently, Dr. Donato helped correct my child’s running injury so that she could compete in her races pain-free.  

My sincere gratitude to Dr. Donato. We are lucky to have Keith, a Certified Elite ART provider, in the Capitol Region. “

– Judy A.

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